Multifamily Loans offered at $500,000 to $50,000,000+

These programs generally offer more flexibility and ease of process than life companies, conduits, FNMA, FDMAC and secondary market loans. The penalties and loan costs are less. The loan process is less onerous.

Multifamily Loan Terms and Rates

3-Year Fixed

4.00% to 4.5% adjusting after 3-years
@ 2.25% to 2.50% over the 6-month LIBOR index

5-Year Fixed

4.25% to 4.625% adjusting after 5-years @ 2.50% over the 6-month LIBOR index

7-Year Fixed

4.35% to 4.75% adjusting after 7-year @ 2.50% over the 6-month LIBOR index

10-Year Fixed

4.35% to 4.85% adjusting after 10-years @ 2.50% over the 6-month LIBOR index

15-Year Fixed

4.5% to 5.25% adjusting after 15-years @ 2.50% over the 6-month LIBOR index
(15-year fixed rate loans typically require a 15-year term and amortization)

Purchase loans offered at a loan to value of up to 80%, however most are limited to 75%. Refinances with cash back to 75%, limited to a 1.20-1.25 percentage of annual debt service to net operating income. Borrower and Subject Property Leverage are considerations in setting loan to value and interest rate.

Most of these loan types have declining pre-payment penalties and rates that vary per program, based on LTV, Debt Service Coverage and building age and structure.

**Rates change daily and can be locked after complete loan package is accepted.

NOTE: Please note the guidelines presented above are general in nature. Special loan programs may provide more or less flexibility on certain deal points.

**Any loan may be negotiated under certain circumstances.